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Poster: Alex_Farlie Date: Oct 14, 2016 4:44am
Forum: software Subject: Old PC Plus CD's and BBC Micro..

In clearing out some material from an attic, I found about 10 years of CD's for a UK publication called PC Plus. (Amongst the software on these discs are seemingly a number of older versions of software for Windows, seemingly given a way
as promotional material for more recent releases in the period 1997-2005 ish)

Does the Internet Archive has a UK based location where appropriate digital archives ( I was wanting to retain the originals) could be taken? (Given the sheer number of CD's uploading them individually as ISO's wouldn't be an option on limited bandwidth

(In many cases I also kept the original magazines with period adverts! Again no objections to these being digitised provided I can retain the originals. Shipping these to a US or European scanning site would again not be viable due to weight.)

I'm also in the process of potentially clearing out some BBC Micro related items, which I would also be interested in seeing
archived. The problem here being that I lack the hardware necessary to perform the extraction, from the ancient disk format,
or rom chips concerned. Since 2014, when there were some unfortunate misunderstandings and mistyping (during efforts I was making to contact publishers/sites), I've come to the opinion that it would be better to get these archived (irrespective of ownership claims) over the next few years before bit-rot sets in, rendering them unreadable permanently.

Alex Farlie (aka Sfan00 or Sfan00_IMG)

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Poster: irrelevant Date: Aug 5, 2017 4:29pm
Forum: software Subject: Re: Old PC Plus CD's and BBC Micro..

Did you ever get the BBC Micro discs archived? I'm currently working through mine, and would be happy to take yours if you still have them & need this doing.


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Poster: Alex_Farlie Date: Aug 6, 2017 12:37am
Forum: software Subject: Re: Old PC Plus CD's and BBC Micro..

I didn't.

But don't concern yourself with this as I may in a few months time be able to get some hardware together, to do some archiving myself.